👀 #personal (at National Mall and Memorial Parks)

👌 #personal (at Capitol Reflecting Pool)

The queen in my life. 👑 #personal (at National Mall and Memorial Parks)

#tbt with @crimsonfoxstar #personal (at Key Bridge Boathouse)

enjoying this nice weather before i start working at wells fargo. i’ll be dealing with people’s money in mclean, aka rich mofos.

Nature walks with the fam 👪. #personal (at Pentagon City)

Sooooooo, there is a very high chance I’ll be getting rid of the 350z for a better car.

Moving onto bigger, better things!

all i ever wanna do is make you happy.

i love you

it just dawned on me, the bullshit is so far behind me i can look back and take a deep breath of relief.

happy to have those immature fuck heads out of my life.

and #tbt of me #personal