sometimes you just gotta stand up for what you believe. fuck what everyone else thinks. if you want it, go fuckin get it. even if you get turned down, never give up.

potomac mills has changed so much, oh wow. i don’t know what to make of it

so uh.. me and a buddy went to north dc for drinks to just to get totally shitfaced. i ended up blacking out and not knowing where i was. apparently we wondered around dc completely trashed for a good 5 hours before getting a ride home. i drove there but was freaking the fuck out when i couldn’t find my car the next day just to remember it was in dc. i was told i was sitting in my car, hanging over outside of my car, door wide open just puking up my guts out.

i don’t remember anything from that night. the only thing I remember is that kangaroo boxing club has the best whiskeys ever.

good night?

Some legit Italian pizza with Piccolo Birrieficio beer. #personal (at 2Amy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria)

good beer, good food, good times #personal #flyingdog (at Lost Dog Cafe South Arlington)

on my athlete shit #personal (at Occoquan Regional Park)

oh god. Lol #personal (at Joe’s Crab Shack | Fairfax)

Lol. #personal (at Joe’s Crab Shack | Fairfax)

Fun night with the crew #personal (at Joe’s Crab Shack | Fairfax)

oh hi there. #personal (at Quantico USMC Base)